Burgh Bees Membership 2022

Become a member of Burgh Bees and help support Burgh Bees' mission "To educate beekeepers and promote beekeeping as a vital part of sustainable agriculture in Pittsburgh and its suburbs." Individual memberships are $10, family memberships are $15. What does being a member of Burgh Bees mean? Members receive: Access and Participation in our Mentorship Program (to begin early 2015) Free Admission to Open Apiary Tours A ticket to Burgh Bees Annual Banquet and Membership Meeting (early November) Voting Rights - vote for board members and have an impact on the structure and future of the organization (family membership = 2 votes) Monthly Email Newsletter Participation in member only Burgh Bees in the Field Days Infinite Gratitude from the Burgh Bees Community The yearly membership period is required to participate in our events and free offerings To become a member, visit our Membership Page on our website. You can either submit your payment electronically or print out our membership form and mail it in with your payment.

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Registration is Open for the 2020 Western PA Beekeeping Seminar

Seminar for 2020 will be held at the Gateway High School and is scheduled for: Friday, February 14th (7-9PM) All registrants are invited to attend the Friday Night presentation (including New Beekeeper class)!! and Saturday, February 15th – (8AM – 5PM) – Registration at 7:30AM on Saturday We are really excited about this year’s seminar! Speakers will include: Lewis Bartlett Brock Harpur Ian Steppler The topics that we have scheduled for this year are: Friday night – All registrants are able to attend Friday Night presentation (including New Beekeeper class)!! Lewis Bartlett – Learning from Bees in Nature: Dancing, Drugs, and Diversity. Covering the wonderful world of bee behaviors – what it means for our beekeeping, and how bees might reveal secrets that benefit all of society. Saturday Morning Lewis Bartlett – Crowding and Caravans: Is industrial beekeeping bad for bees? Understanding the complexity of how nomadic, densely packed beekeeping might make our bees sick – not always in the ways we might expect. Brock Harpur – Mite Biting Ian Steppler – Single Hive Management Afternoon Breakout Session #1 Bartlett – Bee Breeding: Problems and Promises of Darwinian Beekeeping Insights from an evolutionary biologist on the risks and rewards of trying to shape selection in our bees. Harpur – Drone quality Steppler – Sustainable Queen Rearing Charles Vorisek – Honey sources Breakout Session #2 Bartlett – Viruses, Varroa, and Virulence: What makes bee parasites deadly? Ever wondered why parasites and pathogens hurt the hosts they rely on, including our bees? We’ll take a dive into epidemiology and ecology of honeybee health, and what it can teach is about all diseases. Harpur – History of honey bee importation Steppler – Honey Bee Management within Our Changing

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