2023 Season Beekeeping 201 Intermediate Beekeeping (Virtual Class)

This classroom-based course offers  beekeepers a more extensive  approach to beekeeping.

Books for this class include (Bee Essentials, Increase Essentials, and Swarm Essentials (3-total books) With the purchase of the Honey of a Deal – 2 tickets for $195 you will receive ONE copy of each book to share with your partner. We also provide a package of important reference materials on critical topics.

The class will be held online
There will be a short breaks

Where: The comfort of your home of office

Honey of a Deal

2023 Season Beekeeping 101, Beginning Beekeeping (Currently Available )

This VIRTUAL based course offers beginning beekeepers an introduction to honey bee biology and beekeeping basics. The course covers honey bee castes, races, pests & diseases, beekeeping equipment, and seasonal management necessary for a successful first year.

Included with the Course-Copy of “Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping” A package of reference materials on critical topics, -An installation demonstration workshop in the Spring of 2022 (below description) -Burgh Bees Membership

The installation demonstration will show you how to install bees into a hive and how to inspect a hive. The demonstration will be held at the Burgh Bees Community Apiary (Homewood) and scheduled in the Spring Season 2022 as conditions permits. Space is limited, So register today!

Cost Individual: $115 – Includes BK101 class, textbook, package of reference materials, install demo, and a 2021 Burgh Bees Membership.

Honey of a Deal: $195 – Includes 2 virtual seats in BK101 class, 1 textbook, 1 package of reference handouts, 2 spots at the install demo, and a 2021 family membership or 2 individual memberships.

Beekeeping 101 Trainings
Date:  Virtual Class Available NOW

Location: Virtual ZOOM Video Conference

Instructor: Will include a variety of Burgh Bees Directors

Textbook: Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey Caron & Larry Connor Note:  A confirmation letter and directions will be mailed out once registration with payment is received.

Exams: Brief quiz at the end of the class

Course Fee:  includes the textbook, which will be available distributed to students

Payment: To reserve your place in the class, please register online here or if you prefer send a check payable to Burgh Bees to the following address: Burgh Bees – Beekeeping 101 (2022)  P.O. Box 90008, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Beekeeping 101