Become a member of Burgh Bees and help support Burgh Bees’ mission “To educate beekeepers and promote beekeeping as a vital part of sustainable agriculture in Pittsburgh and its suburbs.”

Individual memberships are $10, family memberships are $15.

What does being a member of Burgh Bees mean?
Members receive:

  • Access and Participation in our Mentorship Program (to begin early 2015)
  • Free Admission to Open Apiary Tours
  • A ticket to Burgh Bees Annual Banquet and Membership Meeting (early November)
  • Voting Rights – vote for board members and have an impact on the structure and future of the organization (family membership = 2 votes)
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Participation in member only Burgh Bees in the Field Days
  • Infinite Gratitude from the Burgh Bees Community

The yearly membership period is required to participate in our events and free offerings

To become a member, visit our Membership Page on our website. You can either submit your payment electronically or print out our membership form and mail it in with your payment.