We strive to assist members of Burgh Bees as much as possible. Part of the benefits of membership in Burgh Bees is the support that we provide through such efforts as the Mentors Program.

We do not list Burgh Bee Mentors. We ask that if you desire to have a mentor to assist in your personal growth in beekeeping, please complete a Mentor Request Application with as much information as possible.

We will try to match you to the nearest and most qualified beekeeper for your particular goals and equipment options. The best mentor for someone who wants to keep a few colonies in their back yard may not be the best mentor for someone who hopes to keep numerous colonies and maximize honey production. If we do not have any mentors on file in your area, we will send out a general message, while protecting your privacy, and see if any members have the time to get involved. Many beekeepers want to help. And many will help in particular situations as they surface.

We consider the Burgh Bees mentors program a benefit of membership. Although many beekeepers have personal connections to the bee industry outside this association, we do not offer this to non-members. This is a program that we specifically ask our members to participate, based on all the benefits they themselves receive from the organization.

Asking for assistance while deciding if beekeeping is right for you and your family is encouraged. Many Burgh Bees members will spend ample time and effort showing their hives and answering questions to those thinking of starting in beekeeping. Once the decision is made to start beekeeping, we strongly encourage you to join Burgh Bees to further your knowledge and expertise.

– While we cannot guarantee a mentor in all situations and for every beekeeper, keep in mind that you may be the one filling the void in the future –

Mentor Guidelines

  • Mentors should advise and educate the Mentee. Explain the situations that exist and likely causes. The Mentor should encourage the Mentee to evaluate the situation and make decisions based on the Mentee’s goals and management style. The Mentor must make sure the Mentee understands that there is risk of failure with any course of action, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from failures.
  • Mentors should plan to visit Mentees 3‐4 times a year to address seasonal changes and needs as agreed upon with their Mentee.
  • Mentors should respond to calls or emails from Mentees as soon as possible and not keep them waiting.
  • Mentors will not charge for their services but gratuities or gifts from your Mentee are acceptable. IE: Gas money.
  • If any problems should arise with your Mentee, contact the Mentor Program Coordinator immediately.
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Today’s beginner bee keepers are tomorrow’s mentors!

Mentee Guidelines

Burgh Bees strives to provide quality Mentors. Each Mentor has a unique style and specific talents. Mentors are volunteers trying to assist and educate new bee keepers.

  • Mentees must join Burgh Bees and complete the Mentor Request Application to participate in the program.
  • Mentees are expected to take Burgh Bees Beekeeping 101 (Rev. 1)
  • Mentees should do their own research before asking for help and be ready to discuss the situation and options with their Mentor. There are many good books and references available on the web.
  • Your Mentor is assigned to advise and educate you. Mentor’s can provide invaluable insights based on their experience that can assist the Mentee in making a decision and selecting a course of action. Mentors are not assigned to tell you what to do and there is always a risk of failure.
  • Mentees are encouraged to gain knowledge and experience by helping your Mentor with their beekeeping tasks like cleaning frames/supers, assembling frames/supers, cutting the grass around hives, moving hives, etc.
  • Be respectful of your Mentor’s time. Be prepared before your Mentor arrives. Get everything ready that you will need for that day’s visit. IE: Hive boxes, extra frames, smoker, work site, and whatever else will be needed that day.
  • If any problems should arise with your Mentor, contact the Mentor Program Coordinator immediately.
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