Live Bee Cam @ Wood Street Gallery

Ali Momeni, Daniel Campos & Jeff Shaw Observation Hive ll, 2016 Wood Street Gallery "All Around Us" Materials: Medium Density Fiberboard, Polycarbonate, Bees During the summer of 2012, Ali Momeni and his collaborator Robin Meier created an indoor habitat for a small colony of bees at Domaine Garenne Lemot in Clisson, France. The resulting piece, "If the Lion Could Speak…" was an experiment in human bee communication through the panguage of music (think Voyager Golden Record, brought back from space, and recomposed for palyback inside a bee hive). For this exhibition, Momeni created a new version of this observation hive that is larger, more durable, and capable of hosting a full colony of bees. This work was created in consultation with Jeff Shaw, Apiary Director of Burgh Bees, assist Daniel Campos was invaluable in his help in fabricating the hives. Camera L View Camera Camera R View Camera