The weather was perfect for our annual Spring Clean Up Day at the Homewood Apiary.  We had 27 lovely volunteers come out to play in the garden giving a total of 78 hours of their time!  The grass was mowed, weeds were pulled, underbrush cleared, trees trimmed and cut back, mulch was spread, bulbs were planted, and flower and vegetable beds were cleaned.

A huge thanks goes out to Jeff, Susie, Gina, Deb, Jayne, Adam, Leslie, Sue, Larry, Lauren, Sally, Lynnetta, Tom, Susan, Bob, Rob, Jaime, Kyle, Jennifer, Brian, Barbara, Gregory, Marguerite, Zoe, Vera, Jenna, and Jimmy. Thanks to everyone who brought snacks and refreshments, and thanks to everyone who brought tools (especially Jimmy who arrived with a van full of equipment!).

Visit our Facebook page to see the photos from the day.