Kirsten Traynor, PhD Editor American Bee Journal

Dr. Kirsten S. Traynor In 2006-2007, Kirsten received a German Chancellor Fellowship & drove over 50,000 miles throughout Western Europe to study the differences between European & American beekeeping. She reported her findings through 50+ published articles in American Bee Journal. Fascinated with the social complexity of a honey bee hive, she earned her PhD in biology from Arizona State University with Dr. Robert Page. While a grad student, she spent almost a year in Avignon, France in the lab of Dr. Yves Le Conte as a Fulbright Fellow. She investigated how pesticides impact honey bee health as a postdoc with Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp and was just appointed editor of American Bee Journal. She is the author of Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey and Simple, Smart Beekeeping. She also manages a boutique organic apiary producing top quality nucs and Maryland reared queens. Using the biology of the bee against the biology of the varroa mite, she keeps her colonies healthy without synthetic chemicals.

TOPIC: “Simple, Smart Beekeeping” with Bonus Topic of “Easy Queen Introduction for your Hives”

Location: Threadbare Cider House
Address: 1291 Spring Garden Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Time: 6:30 – 9PM
Date: Monday July 23rd

Other Details: Enjoy a great pot luck supper, socialize with fellow beekeepers, and then participate in an educational discussion topic with Guest Speaker Kristen Traynor. The mix of new and and experienced beekeepers offers many different perspectives. Bring a hot dish, salad, or dessert to share. Plates, utensils, and soft drinks are provided. Alcoholic beverages can be purchase at this location.

9.9% of all drink and bottle sales will be donated to Burgh Bees. There is a large free parking lot at this facility with plenty of parking right outside the front door. Walk into the Cider Cellar if its rainy or we will be under the Tent if its nice everything is on the lower level.