Our President, Steve Repasky, has recently talked about the changing perception of propolis in the hive and referred to research done by Marla Spivak, PhD. I wanted to pass these thoughts on for your consideration. We all know that propolis is the sticky resin bees use to glue everything in our hives together and that it is highly antimicrobial meaning it is antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral. Most of us work hard to scrape it out of our hives. The research in the article linked below, indicates that we should probably be encouraging our bees to line the inside of our hives with propolis as they do in tree cavities where they nest. To facilitate this you can rough up the inside of your hive bodies with very coarse sandpaper encouraging the bees to cover them with propolis. This is not a silver bullet for our problems, but may be one more tool to improve the health of our bees. To read the full article,click here.