Burgh Bees Queen Improvement Field Day

"Details for Participating in The Field Day Event”"

In cooperation with the PA Queen Improvement Project and Burgh Bees, this two-part event will provide an outstanding educational opportunity and daughter queens reared from instrumentally inseminated queens of Purdue improved genetic stock (AKA: Leg Chewers).

Fern Hollow Nature Center (both dates)
1901 Glen Mitchell Rd, Sewickley, PA 15143

Saturday, June 16th
9 AM – 3:30 PM
This workshop will teach how to create strong queenless nucs to ensure that participants arrive at the field day with nucs ready to accept virgin queens.

Topics Include:
Creating Queenless Nucs Classroom Discussion
Creating Queenless Nucs Workshop
Light Lunch – Provided
Managing Colonies for Winter Survival
Wrap Up Q & A

Saturday, June 30th
9 AM – 12:15 PM

Topics Include:
Inspecting Queenless Nucs and Virgin Queen Introduction Workshop
PA Queen Improvement Project Brief Overview
Wrap Up Q & A
Virgin Queen Distribution

Program: The 40 participants will attend field day sessions as a group, but for most sessions the 50 participants will be divided into four groups rotating through the training blocks. Lunch is included.

Planned topics include:

PA Queen Improvement Project and Participant Feedback
Building Up Colonies for Winter Survival
Propagation of Queens
Mite Sampling & Mites Under the Microscope
Nuc Inspection and Installing Virgin Queens

Cost: $25.00

Creating Queenless Nucs Workshop
Queen Improvement Field Day
1 virgin queen for 1 nuc

For an additional $15.00: receive a 2nd virgin queen (limit of 2 queens per participant).

Applicants will be given a link for online confirmation and payment of the registration fee.

Burgh Bees Queen Improvement Field Day Application