Why Every Pennsylvania Beekeeper Should Be A Member of PSBA:

Produces a Newsletter 10 times per year in an effort to keep us all informed and provides a link between the miles. Meets twice each year. Once at a summer picnic, and once at a late fall banquet. At both meetings, business is conducted, seminars are held, friendships renewed and ideas are shared. All members are invited. Fall meeting is held at a central location to allow easy access from all parts of the state.

Operates a booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and Ag Progress Days to promote honey and beekeeping and to support our annual Honey Queen Program.

Maintains an education committee to inspire new beekeepers and to continue to look at ways to provide information to more accomplished beekeepers. Aims to support Delaware Valley College and Penn State University in projects, staff and grant requests that further research and the continuing promotion of beekeeping.

Visits our state legislators on an annual basis to distribute honey as a goodwill gesture. Meets annually, or more frequently if needed, with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to voice concerns of Pennsylvania Beekeepers. Encourages participating counties to send a representative to our meetings to voice the
opinions of their particular county. Operates the Honey Queen Program to promote honey and to provide beekeepers across the state with a resource person who can assist them in promoting honey in their local areas. Members are eligible for reduced rates of 25% off subscriptions to the leading U.S. Bee magazines including, Speedy Bee, American Bee Journal, Gleanings in Bee Culture and The Small Beekeepers’ Journal. Promotional materials such as leaflets on bees and
honey, recipe brooklets, patches, decals, Honey Queen brochures, etc. are made available from time to time for members for free or at cost.