Special Event Announcement
Dr. Larry Connor is coming to give a presentation

Title: The Sustainable Backyard Apiary
Attendance: There is no cost to attend this event and it is open to ALL beekeepers.
Date: Tuesday, February 9th
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Penn State Center Pittsburgh
1435 Bedford Ave, Suite A
Pittsburgh PA 15219

The presentation will cover the objectives of setting up and maintaining an apiary for the long term, with particular emphasis on establishing and maintaining a good mite control program. With Varroa mites being the biggest threat to our bees this presentation should be of interest to both new and experienced beekeepers.
Seating is limited to 60 people, so please register by clicking http://burghbees.org/?product=special-event-with-dr-connor

Dr. Connor will have a selection of his books available for purchase the evening of the event.

From the front door of the facility, take the elevator or stairs to level A and at the end of the mezzanine walkway you will enter through double doors into The Penn State Center Pittsburgh. There is a large free parking lot at this facility with plenty of parking right outside the front door.

Dr. Connor’s Bio:
Lawrence Connor was born in Kalamazoo Michigan and earned his doctorate in honey-bee pollination of crops at Michigan State University. He has worked as Extension Bee Specialist at The Ohio State University, President of Genetic Systems, Inc. (which produced tens of thousands of instrumentally inseminated queens honey bees as well as the Starline and Midnite breeding stock), and now owns and operates Wicwas Press, specializing in publication of quality bee books. He relocated (from Connecticut) back to Michigan in April 2007 to continue growth of his publishing and writing activities. He has edited and published over two dozen books and recently written: Increase Essentials (2006), Bee Sex Essentials (2008), Queen Rearing Essentials, Bee-sentials: A Field Guide, Swarm Essentials (with Steve Repasky), Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping (with Dewey Caron), Increase Essentials Second Edition and Mating Biology of honey bees (with G. and N. Koeniger and J. Ellis).

Dr. Connor is a monthly contributor to The American Bee Journal and to Bee Culture Magazine. He travels extensively and lectures on a wide range of subjects concerning honey bees, bee breeding, pollination and colony management.
For further information consult the website: www.wicwas.com